Primary Curriculum

Age Group

3 – 6 Years Old

A mixed age classroom reflects a more natural family setting. Similar to families with multiple children of different ages, the older children are often leaders of the class who develop confidence and spontaneously help the younger children to learn something they themselves just mastered.

Prepared Environment

Our classes start outdoors (8.30-9.00am) in a Nature’s classroom. The children are able to make connections with nature and experience education from a different perspective, beyond the walls of the classroom.

The Prepared Environment indoors is beyond what the casual classroom may contain. Featuring child-sized chairs, tables, shelves, and other equipment, the Prepared Environment serves as a silent co-teacher. Shelves are open to children and are filled with challenging hand-held materials designed to hold the rapt attention of your child. Each child chooses their own activity and work at their own pace, uninterrupted for long periods of time. Children often return to the same activity over and over until their internal curiosity is satisfied and they’ve mastered the task.

Teachers/Guides: In the traditional classroom, the teacher is the center of attention. In the Montessori method, children are guided by the teacher to try different materials and activities; working one-on-one and allowing the child to explore and puzzle out the answer for themselves.  Montessori teachers/guides treat this process with great patience and sanctity.

Curriculum Areas of Focus

Practical Life Activities: These are the first activities to be introduced to the child, using real materials to carry out real tasks. They satisfy the young child’s inner desire for skills and self-sufficiency. These activities help increase the power of concentration and develop more self-control.

Sensorial Area: Enables the child to order, classify, and describe sensory impressions in relation to length, width, temperature, mass, color, pitch, taste, texture, pressure, etc.

Mathematics Area:  Makes use of manipulative materials to enable the child to internalize the concepts of the cardinal and ordinal properties of numbers, numeric symbols, operations, fractions and the memorization of the basic number facts.

Language Area: Includes oral language development, written expression, reading, the study of grammar, creative dramatics, and children’s literature.

Cultural Activities: Expose the child to the basics of geography, history, botany, life and physical sciences, music, movement and art.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a guided spiritual path offered to all children at St. Martin’s School. Helping students to grasp the Biblical timeline and Scriptural concepts lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of God as the child grows. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd was established by Montessori teachers over 5 decades ago and is based on Montessori teaching methodology.

At its core, the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd upholds that every individual child comes to know God in their own unique way. Our role at St. Martin’s School is to provide the place and opportunity for informative spiritual awakening by Guiding Mind and Spirit. Learn more in-depth information.

So What’s Next?

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