What do the founders of Google, chef Julia Child, and the editor of the Washington Post have in common? They’re all Montessori graduates!


Started over 100 years ago by noted Italian pediatrician Dr. Maria Montessori, the Montessori Method is the antithesis to the factory model of education with children trapped in desks memorizing facts for standardized tests.

In Montessori, success is not measured by how much information a child can repeat back. Instead, Montessori seamlessly blends subjects together with deep respect to the individual learning journey a child may be pursuing. It is about curiosity, the peace of learning in deep concentration, and true mastery of a subject.

Coming from the early 1900’s, Maria Montessori was ahead of her time. Because of her acute observational skill, she discovered that the greatest learning occurred when children engaged their hands. Long before the days of X-rays and MRI machines, Maria Montessori scientifically studied the way the brain functions and designed an educational environment that teaches the way the brain learns.


Because handling of materials is so important to learning, one of the hallmarks of the Montessori Method is the unique Montessori Materials. When visiting St. Martins School, we invite you to touch these materials yourself and learn about their uses in our school.

Prepared Environment

In a Montessori classroom, the teacher uses the classroom as an additional silent teaching partner. Montessori classrooms are known for the way they cultivate calm and for their simplistic beauty. Inviting materials are always available to children where your child can follow the deeply personal path of curiosity. Your child’s classroom is a community of learners whose currency is friendship and respect.


Teachers are highly trained Montessori professionals who go above and beyond Early Childhood Education training to undertake intensive multi-year Montessori certification. You can look forward to a strong relationship with your child’s teacher as you watch your child master tasks and concepts!


Children in a Montessori environment are polite; genuinely helpful to one another. They work out their problems with each other with little teacher intervention. A community forms that is truly peaceful. The simple and profound truth of how children learn as discerned by Dr. Montessori create children deeply dedicated to learning, understanding and empathy- a platform for all future success in life.

The extraordinary education that is Montessori comes from a delicate blend of Materials, Prepared Environment, and Well Trained Teachers. As the sacred setting for your child’s greatest growth, you will be astonished and amazed at what your little one is capable of here at St. Martin’s School.